A Legacy of Patronage

A Vision for the Future

One of our greatest aspirations in life is to leave a mark—to make a difference in our community or society concerning endeavors of great importance. Through your care and commitment, you can help ensure that Laguna Art Museum has a secure future and that museum programs continue to thrive and evolve. Through Laguna Art Museum’s Legacy Circle, you will be a museum patron and arts community supporter whose contribution will be respected and recognized for years to come.


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Legacy Circle members can choose how to designate their future gift.

  • Wills and Bequests
  • Tangible Gifts
  • Retirement Plan Gifts
  • Annuities and Trusts
  • Life Insurance

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Thank You

Legacy Circle Members

as of April 22, 2021

Richard and Leone Adler
Eugene C. Auerbach*
Antoinette Ayres*
Rick Balzer
Marla Bird*
James N. and Dorothy F. Borland
Lyn Burke*
Grégory Pierre Cox
Robert Hayden III
Jane and Joe Hanauer
George A. and Diane Keplinger
Harleigh Knott*
Barbara McBeth Woodruff*
DeWitt Clinton McCall, III*
Roy D. Miller and Jan McCoy Miller*
Nancy D. W. Moure

Ellen Narver
Lindy Narver
Diane Nesley
R. Price Peyton and Barbara L. Peyton
Pearl Phillipson*
Al Roberts*
Louis and Laura Rohl
Rick Silver
Miriam Smith
Carol Moss Spivak*
Rhoda Weissman*
Barbara Steele Williams*
Arthur Strick, M.D.
Robert Story
Keith Swayne
Mary L. Trumble*
David S. Walker

* deceased

We Want You!

To join the Legacy Circle or learn more about ways to remember Laguna Art Museum in your Estate plans, please call the membership and development office at 949.494.8971 x208.

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